Ramma Hamster

University project for ‘Real Time Animation and 3D Games Programming’. By Nelson Wu and Danny Fang


  • Two player game (on one keyboard)
  • Two balls attempting to bump each other off a rectanglar platform suspended in mid-air
  • Procedurally generated terrain on platform
  • Multiple platform styles - inc. varying gravity and surfaces of varying friction
  • Moving balls represented by hamsters running inside hollow spheres, both modelled
  • Automatically controlled camera
  • Particle engine
  • Shadows (Shadow Mapping)
  • Procedural textures
  • Bot play
  • Use of shaders
  • Sound effects
  • Dynamic background music


Screenshot1 Screenshot2 Screenshot3 Screenshot4 Screenshot5 Screenshot6



Gameplay Controls

Key Description
Arrow Keys Player 1 Movement
WASD Player 2 Movement
F1 New Map (random)
F4 Enable/Disable Bot Player (Replaces player 2)
Space Pause Game (or go to next map if match finished)
Esc Quit Game

Other Controls

Key Description
F5 Toggle Shading mode (smooth/flat. default: smooth)
F6 Toggle Shadows (default: on if supported)
F7 Toggle ‘Soft’ Shadows (requires shadows to be enabled. default: on)
F8 Toggle HUD (default: on)
+ (num) Increase Volume (Sound and Music)
- (num) Decrease Volume (Sound and Music)
F9 Enable/Disable Bullet Time (Half Speed)
1 Toggle Camera Movement (default: on)
2 Toggle Light Movement (Spins in a circle overhead. default:off)
p Toggle Light View (Check the light’s POV - for debugging shadow mapping. default:off)
ijkl Light Movement